Makulaku is your passport to the happy, colourful world of filled liquorices.

Myrttisen Kurkut – the traditional finnish pickled cucumbers.

Say “Green Taste” for your premium nuts, seeds, dried fruit and berries or sweet and savoury snacks.

Premium ice creams and sherbets – the italian way. Have a taste. Get inspired. Fall in love!

Get 100% real taste in Mehuiza juices and smoothies.

Memmas Knossos – extra virgin olive oil from Crete. Premium quality, pressed only by mechanical means. Available also ecologically grown.

Sicilia is your choice for quality lemon and lime juice concentrates.

Get refreshed with our San Benedetto ice teas. Available in peach, lemon and green tea flavours.

Mangajo premium ice teas. Exiting flavours of lemon, goji and acai berries.